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Courses Open
by Jodi Stuart - Friday, 31 August 2018, 1:58 PM

Good day!

I wish all of you a wonderful Labor Day weekend! As you begin this process of the District Leadership Academy, keep in mind the habits of your club, the things you think should change, and the reasons to support those changes. This academy course is going to build your knowledge of Rotary as well as make you think more analytically about your Club and how it functions. Be open to the idea that your Club may not be broken, but it may benefit from a new idea or two. For some of you, you will know that things are broken and are taking this course to try and help make a change. Good for you! I hope that this academy helps both types of Clubs.

Please note that there are going to be changes to the quiz for Organization and Administration. Alana is in an out of service area, and she won't be back to make those changes prior to 9/1. That quiz will be finalized on 9/30. So, DO NOT attempt to take that quiz until 10/1.

Thanks so much and good luck!


DLA Dean